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Searching Messaging Server Log DataLocate this document in the navigation structure

Filter server log data according to the criteria you specify.



  1. In the SAP Control Center left navigation pane, click Start of the navigation path Servers Next navigation step <primaryServer> Next navigation step Log End of the navigation path, and in the right pane click Messaging Server.
  2. Click Show filter, and then select the search criteria:
    • Max level – search only messages logged by the particular log level you select. All messages up to that level are retrieved.
    • Thread ID – specify the ID name of the thread that logs the message you are searching.
    • Contains – enter a search string.
    • Users – select one or more users.
    • Application connections – select one or more application connections.
    • Modules – select one or more modules.
    • Time period – specify a start date, start time, end date, and end time.
  3. Click Retrieve.
  4. To begin a new query, click Reset.