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Configuring Messaging Server Log SettingsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Messaging Server logs create trace configurations for messaging modules, and retrieve trace data for all or specific messages. Configure trace configuration properties for modules to specify the amount of detail that is written to the log. You can configure trace settings for the primary server cluster in SAP Control Center for each module. The settings are available to cluster servers through the shared data folder.


Note The default settings may only need to change in case of technical support situations where, for diagnostic reasons, a request is made to configure the specific module(s) settings, and provide the request log. In all other cases, the administrator or developer should not need to change the settings.

Additionally, you should always use SAP Control Center to configure server logs. If you manually edit the configuration file, especially on secondary servers in a cluster, the servers may not restart correctly once shut down.


  1. In the SAP Control Center left navigation pane, click Configuration.
  2. In the right administration pane, click the Log Setting tab and select Messaging Server.
  3. Select Default, or one or more of the messaging service modules. Click Show All to show all modules.
    Module Description
    Default Represents the default configuration. The default values are used if optional fields are left blank in a module trace configuration. Required.
    Device Management Miscellaneous functions related to device registration, event notification, and device administration. Enable tracing for problems in these areas.
    JMSBridge This module handles communications from the SAP Mobile Server to the messaging server. Enable tracing to view the detailed messaging exchange.
    MO This module handles the delivery of messages between the client and server, including synchronous function calls from client to server. Enable tracing for MO errors and message delivery issues.
    SUPBridge This module handles communications from the messaging server to the SAP Mobile Server. Enable tracing to view the detailed messaging exchange.
    TM This module handles the wire protocol, including encryption, compression, and authentication, between the messaging server and clients. All communication between the client and the messaging server passes through TM. Enable tracing for authentication issues, TM errors, and general connectivity issues.
    WorkflowClient The WorkflowClient module.
  4. Click Properties.
    1. Enter trace configuration properties. If you selected multiple modules, a string of asterisks is used to indicate settings differ for the selected modules. You can select the option to view or change the property value for any module.
      Property Description
      Module Display only. Default, module name, or list of module names selected.
      Description (Optional) Custom description of the server module.
      Level Trace level for the module - DISABLED, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, DEFAULT. If the default trace level is specified for the module, the module uses the trace level defined for Default. Required.
      Max trace file size (Optional) Maximum trace file size in MB. If the trace file size grows larger than the specified value, the trace file data is backed up automatically.
      User name (Optional) Only data for the specified user name is traced.
      Application Connection ID (Optional) Only data for the specified Application ID is traced.
    2. Click OK.
      Log files for each module are stored in folders of the same name located in: <SMP_HOME>\Servers\UnwiredServer\logs.