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Considerations for Application Connection RegistrationLocate this document in the navigation structure

An application connection can be registered automatically, manually or anonymously.

Information and guidelines:
  • Application templates hold default connection properties that can be assigned to an application during the connection registration process. However, these templates are configured differently depending on what type of connection registration you enable for applications. See the recommendations documented in Creating Application Connection Templates in the Mobile Application Life Cycle guide.

    When a client application connects to SAP Mobile Server its application ID is used to look up a matching template. If that template allows automatic registration (the Automatic Registration Enabled property is set to true), then the security configuration in the template is used to authenticate the user and establish an identity against which the connection is registered. If the template also specifies a logical role, then user is authorized using the mapped physical role(s) of the logical role in the security configuration. When there are templates with different logical roles for the same application id and security configuration, the priority of the template determines the order of evaluation of the associated logical roles.

    Note If no templates are detected, the registration request fails. If multiple templates are detected, the client application registers using the template with the highest priority. If there is more than one template with the highest priority, the application registers using one of the templates with the highest priority, selected at random. For details on how user names and security configuration names are processed when an email address is used, see Considerations for Using E-mail Addresses as User Names in the Security guide.
  • Supported device client activation options:
    Device Client Type Automatic Registration Manual Registration Anonymous Registration
    Hybrid App X X X
    Object API X X  
    OData X X X
    REST API X   X