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SAP Control Center provides a single comprehensive Web administration console to configure and manage SAP products and their components.

SAP Control Center combines a modular architecture, a rich administrative console, agents, common services, and tools for managing and controlling SAP products. SAP Mobile Platform is one of many SAP products that use SAP Control Center as its management and administrative tool.

As part of an SAP Mobile Platform installation, SAP Control Center can be used in three ways:
  • In a personal development environment, developers may act as administrators to set up a personal testing environment. Development administrators use SAP Control Center to deploy and configure packages, register messaging devices, and so on. No other additional configuration or administration may be required.
  • In a distributed or shared development environment, administrators use SAP Control Center to set up an SAP Mobile Server, manage packages, manage devices, configure Hybrid App packages, as well as review server and domain logs, and monitoring-related data.
  • In a production environment, administrators use SAP Control Center on a regular basis to perform the same tasks described for a shared development environment. They also configure the operation of SAP Mobile Servers, and administer day-to-day activities of the production environment. Administrators must also routinely monitor the overall health and performance of the system, which may include clusters and domains.