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The RADIUS security provider implements token-driven authentication against an existing RADIUS server.

The RADIUS provider fulfills authentication services only with the class; authorization and attribution services are not supported. If you need to configure these providers, you can use the LDAP providers with the RADIUS authentication provider.

RADIUS is not recommended for device user authentication: the application would require a different password each time it connects (generated by a token card), which would then require frequent user input to update that token password. Therefore RADIUS authentication should be limited to administration user authentication at most.

Note The RADIUS authentication provider relies on third-party components that are not distributed by SAP. See the SourceForge/JRadiusInformation published on non-SAP site Web site for more information. If you need to configure the RADIUS provider, copy the third-party library into the SMP_HOME\UnwiredServer\lib\3rdparty folder, and restart SAP Control Center and SAP Mobile Server.