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Reviewing Operation HistoryLocate this document in the navigation structure

View the error history of a mobile business object (MBO) create, delete, or update operation.


  1. In the left navigation pane, expand the Start of the navigation path Domains Next navigation step <domainName> Next navigation step Packages End of the navigation path folder and select the package that contains the MBO operation you want to view.
  2. Expand the desired MBO and select the operation for which you want to view the error history: create, delete, or update.
  3. In the right administration pane, click the History tab.
  4. To view operation data from a specific time period, select a Start date and End date and click Go.
  5. Review the following data for the operation:
    • Operation replay time – time of this operation replay's failure.
    • Number of failed operation replays– the number of failed operation replays that occurred during the specified time period.
    • Last successful operation replay – the date and time of the most recent successful replay of this operation before this operation replay failure.
  6. Click Clean to remove operation history data.
    The lines are removed from the cache database.