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Reviewing the Deployment SummaryLocate this document in the navigation structure

Review the properties you have supplied before deploying the package to SAP Mobile Server. This allows you to change errors before making the deployment units available via the package created for that purpose.


  1. Review all three sections of the deployment summary. If anything is incorrect, click Back and correct errors.
  2. To create a deployment descriptor:
    1. Click Create deployment descriptor.
    2. Browse to the location you want to save the file and change the default name if required.
    3. Click Save.
    You can use the deployment descriptor to redeploy the deployment unit without having to repeat these steps in the deployment wizard.
  3. Click Finish to deploy the file and create the package on SAP Mobile Server.
    Deploying to the server may take some time to complete. However, a status message appears above the General tab indicating the success or failure of the attempt.