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Configuring Scheduled Cache Group PropertiesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Specify the duration of cache data validity by configuring SAP Mobile Server updates to mobile business object (MBO) data for a scheduled cache group.


You can configure a schedule refresh for a cache only if the developer enables the cache group as "scheduled" during development. Otherwise, the Schedule tab is not configurable in the Cache Group Properties dialog.


  1. In the left navigation pane, expand the Start of the navigation path Domains Next navigation step <domainName> Next navigation step Packages End of the navigation path folder and select the package for which you want to configure cache settings.
  2. In the right administration pane, click the Cache Group tab.
  3. Select the cache group you want to configure and click Properties.
  4. In the Schedule tab of the Cache Properties dialog, set the frequency of the refresh by selecting an appropriate Schedule Repeat: hourly, daily or custom.
    This property determines what other schedule properties you must configure. Each option is documented in a seperate topic which further discusses the details for each frequency type. For more details, see the corresponding topic.