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Performing an Advanced SearchLocate this document in the navigation structure

search through applications, users, application connections, packages, and subscriptions, filtering out results at each level until you obtain very specific results.



  1. In the navigation pane of SAP Control Center, select the Applications node.
  2. In the right administrations pane, select the Applications node.
  3. Select Advanced Search.
  4. In Advanced Search, enter an application ID, then click Go, or click Go to display a list of applications.
  5. Select an application, and click Search.
    The Users, Application Connections, Packages, and Subscriptions tabs remain.
  6. Select one of the remaining tabs, select the search criteria, and click Search.
  7. Continue this process until you have the information you seek. Each time you search in a one of the categories, the tab is removed. In this way you refine your search.