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Importing CertificatesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Import a certificate for SSL encryption from a local file system.


You can import two types of certificates into the server key store.

  • X.509 format supports storage of a single certificate. This format does not support storage of the private key or certificate or certification path. No private key password is required.
  • Personal Information Exchange format (PFX, also called PKCS #12) supports secure storage of certificates, private keys, and all certificates in a certification path. A private key password is required.


  1. Click Import.
  2. Select the Certificate type as X.509 or PKCS #12.
  3. Enter a unique Alias name for the certificate.
    Each alias identifies a certificate in the server key store. You can assign an alias to a security component for reference.
  4. Click Browse and select an X.509 or PKCS #12 certificate to import into the key store.
    • For an X.509 certificate, the expected file extension is .cer or .crt.
    • For a PKCS #12 certificate, the expected file extension is .pfx or .p12.
  5. For PKCS #12 certificates, enter the Private key password for the private key to be loaded from a .pfx or .p12 file.