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Configure SAP Java Connector (JCo) connection properties.

For a comprehensive list of SAP JCo properties you can use to create an instance of a client connection to a remote SAP system, see


SAP does not document all native endpoint properties. However, you can add native endpoint properties, naming them using this syntax:


Standard properties that can be configured within SAP Control Center include:
Table 1: General Connection Parameters for Standard JCo Properties
Name Description Supported Values
Enable ABAP Debugging

Enables or disables ABAP debugging. If enabled, the connection is opened in debug mode and you can step through the invoked function module in the debugger.

For debugging, an SAP graphical user interface (SAPGUI) must be installed on the same machine the client program is running on. This can be either a normal Windows SAPGUI or a Java GUI on Linux/UNIX systems.

Not supported.

Do not set this parameter.

Remote GUI Specifies whether a remote SAP graphical user interface (SAPGUI) should be attached to the connection. Some older BAPIs need an SAPGUI because they try to send screen output to the client while executing.

Not supported.

Do not set this parameter.

Get SSO Ticket Generates an SSO2 ticket for the user after login to allow single sign-on. If RfcOpenConnection() succeeds, you can retrieve the ticket with RfcGetPartnerSSOTicket() and use it for additional logins to systems supporting the same user base.

Not accessible by the customer.

Do not set this parameter or leave it set to 0.

Use X509 SAP Mobile Platform sets this property when a client uses an X509 certificate as the login credential.

If an EIS RFC operation is flagged for SSO (user name and password personalization keys selected in the authentication parameters), then SAP Mobile Platform automatically sets the appropriate properties to use X.509, SSO2, or user name and password SSO credentials.

The corresponding properties should not be set by the administrator on the SAP endpoint.

Additional GUI Data Provides additional data for graphical user interface (GUI) to specify the SAP router connection data for the SAPGUI when it is used with RFC.

Not supported.

GUI Redirect Host Identifies which host to redirect the remote graphical user interface to. Not supported.
GUI Redirect Service Identifies which service to redirect the remote graphical user interface to. Not supported.
Remote GUI Start Program Indicates the program ID of the server that starts the remote graphical user interface. Not supported.

Properties that can be configured manually within SAP Control Center include:

Table 2: General Connection Parameters for Manual JCo Properties
Name Description Supported Values
jco.client.cpic_trace Enables and disables CPIC trace
  • -1 - take over environment value <CPIC_TRACE>]
  • 0 - no trace
  • 1, 2, 3 - different trace levels Enables and disables table parameter delta management
  • 1 - enable (default)
  • 0 - disable
jco.client.deny_initial_password Deny usage of initial passwords
  • 0 - default
  • 1
jco.client.extid_data External identification user login data  
jco.client.extid_type Type of external identification user login data  
jco.client.msserv SAP message server port to use instead of the default sapms<sysid>  
jco.client.saprouter SAP router string to use for a system protected by a firewall  
jco.client.snc_sso Turns on or off SSO of SNC mechanism
  • 1 - yes (default)
  • 0 - no
If set to 0, use user and password credentials instead
jco.destination.auth_type Authentication type Configured user or current user
jco.destination.expiration_check_period Interval, in milliseconds, with which the timeout checker thread checks the connections in the pool for expiration  
jco.destination.expiration_time Time, in milliseconds, after which the connections held by the internal pool may be closed  
jco.destination.max_get_client_time Maximum time, in milliseconds, to wait for a connection, if the maximum allowed number of connections is allocated by the application  
jco.destination.one_roundtrip_repository If the property is not set, the destination makes a remote call to check if RFC_METADATA_GET is available, and when available uses it
  • 1 - forces the usage of RFC_METADATA_GET in the ABAP system
  • 0 - deactivates RFC_METADATA_GET in the ABAP system
jco.destination.peak_limit Maximum number of active connections that can be created for a destination simultaneously  
jco.destination.pool_capacity Maximum number of idle connections kept open by the destination A value of 0 sets no connection pooling, so connections are closed after each request
jco.destination.repository.passwd The password for a repository user Mandatory if a repository user is used
jco.destination.repository.snc_mode (Optional) If SNC is used for this destination, it is possible to turn it off for repository connections, if this property is set to 0 Defaults to the value of jco.client.snc_mode
jco.destination.repository.user (Optional) If the repository destination is not set, and this property is set, it acts as a user for repository queries, enabling a different user for repository lookups and restriction of permissions accordingly  
jco.destination.repository_destination Specifies which destination should be used for repository queries  
jco.destination.user_id Login user that identifies the user when not using user and password for login The parameter is only required if neither user nor user alias is provided