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Configure SAP® Data Orchestration Engine Connector (DOE-C) properties. This type of connection is available in the list of connection templates only when you deploy a SAP® Data Orchestration Engine Connector package. No template exists for these types of connections.

Note If you change the username or password property of a DOE-C connection, you must reopen the same dialog and click Test Connection after saving. Otherwise the error state of this DOE-C package is not set properly, and an error message is displayed. This will not work if you click Test Connection before saving the properties.
Name Description Supported values

Specifies the SAP user account ID. The SAP user account is used during interaction between the connected SAP system and client for certain administrative activities, such as sending acknowledgment messages during day-to-day operations or "unsubscribe" messages if a subscription for this connection is removed.

This account is not used for messages containing business data; those types of messages are always sent within the context of a session authenticated with credentials provided by the mobile client.

The technical user name and password or certificateAlias must be set to perform actions on subscriptions. The certificateAlias is mutually exclusive with and overrides the technical user name and password fields if set. The technical user name and password fields can be empty, but only if certificateAlias is set.

Valid SAP login name for the DOE host system.
Password Specifies the password for the SAP user account. Valid password.
DOE SOAP Timeout Specifies a timeout window during which unresponsive DOE requests are aborted.

Positive value (in seconds).

The default is 420 (7 minutes).

DOE Extract Window

Specifies the number of messages allowed in the DOE extract window.

Positive value (in messages).

The minimum value is 10. The maximum value is 2000. The default is 50.

When the number of messages in the DOE extract window reaches 50% of this value, DOE-C sends a StatusReqFromClient message, to advise the SAP DOE system of the client's messaging status and acknowledge the server's state.

Packet Drop Size

Specifies the size, in bytes, of the largest JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) message that the DOE connector processes on behalf of a JSON client.

The packet drop threshold size should be carefully chosen, so that it is larger than the largest message sent from the DOE to the client, but smaller than the maximum message size which may be processed by the client.

Positive value (in bytes).

The default is 4194304 bytes (4MB).

Do not set lower than 4096 bytes; there is no maximum limitation.

Service Address Specifies the DOE URL. Valid DOE URL.
If you are using DOE-C with SSL:
  • Modify the port from the standard http://host:8000 to https://host:8001/.
  • Add the certificate being used as the technical user and DOE-C endpoint security profile certificate to the SAP DOE system's SSL Server certificate list by using the STRUST transaction. See your SAP documentation for details.
Listener URL Specifies the DOE-C server listener URL. Valid DOE-C listener URL, for example http://<<sup_hostname>>:8000/doe/publish.
Certificate Alias Sets the alias for the SAP Mobile Platform keystore entry that contains the X.509 certificate for SAP Mobile Server's SSL peer identity.

If you do not set a value, mutual authentication for SSL is not used when connecting to the Web service.

If you are using DOE-C with SSO use the "SAP Technical User Certificate Alias" only for configurations which require the technical user to identify itself using an X.509 certificate; it specifies the Certificate Alias to be used as the technical user. This overrides the "Username" and "Password" settings normally used.

Valid certificate alias.