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The following table lists the available configuration options, acceptable values, and descriptions of the settings in the ANGEL Front End set of properties found in the SAP Control Center. These settings are also those found in the [ANGEL Front End] section of the Agentry.ini file. If the ANGEL connect type is not in use by at least one transmit configuration definition within the application, the settings of this section have no impact on the behavior of the Agentry Server.

Configuration Setting Acceptable Values Description
trustedCertificateStore Valid Trusted Certificate Store File Name. Default: none This option specifies the location of the trusted certificate store for the Server. This store is only used when Clients are required to provide authentication certificates during synchronization. Proper format for trustedCertificateStore is a PEM file that contains one or more trusted certificates.
authenticationCertificateStore Valid authentication certificate file. This option specifies the location of the authentication certificate for the Server. Only Personal Information Exchange formatted files (.pfx) are supported.
authenticationCertificateStorePassword Valid password for accessing the Server’s authentication certificate. This option specifies the password to access the Server’s authentication certificate.
authenticationCertificateStorePasswordEncoded Boolean value of “true” or “false.” Default: false This option specifies whether or not the certificate store password value is encoded in the Agentry.ini file. This option should not be changed manually. Rather, the quick password encoder utility will change it when run.
authenticateClient Boolean value of “true” or “false.” Default: false This option controls whether or not Clients are required to provide an authentication certificate to the Server during synchronization. This certificate must be listed in the trusted certificate store in order for Clients to access the Server.
debug Boolean value of “true” or “false.” Default: false. This configuration file controls whether or not the Server generates log files for communications using the ANGEL protocol. When true, the log file listed in debugFile is generated, as are individual log files for each Client during synchronization.
debugFile Valid log file name or path name name. Default: ANGEL.log This configuration option specifies the name of the log file generated by the Server when the debug option in this same section is true.
timeout Duration value in seconds. Default: 300 This configuration option specifies how long the Server will keep a connection option with a Client when no messages or responses are received from the Client.
keepAliveTime Duration value in seconds. Default: 60 This configuration option specifies how often the Server will send a keep alive message to the Client when the Client is keeping an open connection (Push or Background Sending) with the Server. This message prevents the connection from expiring based on the timeout value.