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Registration log data includes registration-related application data. The registration log applies only to applications registered through the HTTP channel.

  • Time – the time and date stamp for the log entry.
  • Application ID – the unique identifier assigned to the registered application. Values may include a number, blank, or HWC, depending on the client type.
  • Application Connection ID – the unique identifier for a user application connection.
  • User – the name of the user associated with the application ID. The user under the domain logs should be in the format "username@securityConfiguration".
  • Source - the source of the log if its from the server or client.
  • Log Level – indicates the log level, if any, set on the client that controls what and how much should be logged.
  • Thread ID – the identifier for the thread used to process the request.
  • Node ID – the server node on which the request is received.
  • Transaction ID – a unique ID that represents a transaction (one cycle of request-response) performed by the client or application.
  • Root Context ID – a unique ID that represents a client/server session. A session can be thought of as a block that includes multiple requests from the client to the server.
  • Auto Registraton - the automatic connection registration setting of the application, as determined by the autoreghint provisioning property.
  • Security Configuration - the security configuration assigned to the application.
  • Template - the application template used by the application.