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Checking System Licensing InformationLocate this document in the navigation structure

Review licensing information to monitor used mobile device licenses, license expiry dates, and other license details. This information allows administrators to manage license use and determine whether old or unused device licenses should be transferred to new devices.



  1. In the left navigation pane, select the top-level tree node.
  2. In the right administration pane, select the General tab, and click Licensing.
  3. Review the following licensing information:
    • Server license type – the type of license currently used by SAP Mobile Platform. For more information on license types, see SAP Mobile Platform License Types in Landscape Design and Integration.
    • Production edition – the edition of the software you have installed.
    • Server license expiry date – the date and time at which the server license expires. When a server license expires, SAP Mobile Server generates a license expired error and SAP Mobile Server is stopped.
    • Overdraft mode – allows you to generate additional licenses in excess of the quantity of licenses you actually purchased. This enables you to exceed your purchased quantity of licenses in a peak usage period without impacting your operation. This mode is either enabled or disabled, as specified by the terms of the agreement presented when you obtain such a license.
    • Used mobile user license count – the number of mobile user licenses currently in use. A mobile user is a distinct user identity—username and associated security configuration—that is registered in the server. As such, the used mobile user license count represents the total distinct user identities registered on the server. One mobile user may access:
      • Multiple applications and different versions of the same application.
      • The same or different versions of an application from multiple devices.
  4. Click Close.



SAP Mobile Platform licensing is configured during installation. However, if necessary, license details can be changed at a later time.