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Viewing Package-Level Cache StatisticsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Use the package tree to view cache statistics at the package, cache group, or mobile business object (MBO) level.


The package tree allows for a granular view of data in all cache statistic categories except for domain-level data. Domain-level data instead uses the Filter by Domain search functionality.


  1. In the left navigation pane, select Monitoring.
  2. In the right administration pane, select Cache Statistics.
  3. From the cache feature drop-down list, select one of the following, depending on the type of data and level of granularity you require:
    • Domain level
    • Package level
    • Package level cache group
    • Package level MBO
  4. Select Show filter.
    The tree view appears on the left side of the right administration pane.
  5. In the tree view, click the package, cache group, or MBO for which you want to view monitoring data.
    The monitoring data displays in the monitoring console. You can further filter data by specifying a time period in the search panel (for package-level cache performance and package-level MBO status only).