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Review information on SAP Data Orchestration Engine connector (DOE-C) package subscriptions to manage the synchronization data that device users receive.

Package subscription properties include:
  • Application Connection ID – the unique identifier for a user application connection.
  • User – the name of the user associated with the application ID. The user under the domain logs should be in the format "username@securityConfiguration".
  • Last Server Response Time – the date and time that the last outbound response was sent from SAP Mobile Server to the client.
  • Client ID – the device application ID, which identifies the package database for the application.
  • Application Name – the name of the device application used by the subscription.
  • Status – the current status of a device. The possible values are: Running, Suspended, Pending Activation, Online, Offline, and Expired.
  • Packet Dropped – the current packet dropped state of a device. The values are true or false.
Select Advanced to view these properties:
  • Subscription ID – the unique identifier of the subscription.
  • Logical ID – the unique identifier of a registered device that is generated and maintained by SAP Mobile Server.