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Setting a Custom Monitoring ScheduleLocate this document in the navigation structure

Customize the monitoring schedule for packages within a monitoring profile. Setting a custom schedule is the most flexible option; monitoring information is provided according to the time frame you specify.


Begin creating a monitoring profile in the New Monitor Profile dialog.



  1. In the New Monitor Profile dialog, select the Schedule tab.
  2. Select Custom as the monitoring schedule criteria.
  3. To set a range to control which days the custom schedule runs, configure a start date and time, end date and time, or day of week (if applicable).
    • Select Start Date to set a date for when monitoring of package activity begins. To be more specific, you can also enter a Start Time. In this case, monitoring cannot begin until a given time on a given day has been reached.
    • Select End Date to set a date that ends the monitoring of package activity. To be more specific, you can also enter an End Time.
    • Select the days of the week that package monitoring runs. This means that for the days you select, the schedule runs every week on the day or days you specify.
    If you do not indicate a time frame, SAP Mobile Server uses the default custom schedule, which is equivalent to Always On monitoring.
  4. Click OK.