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Replication package statistics consist of key performance indicators (KPIs) that reflect the overall function of the application environment at the cluster or domain level. The statistics highlight key totals and identify average, minimum, and maximum values for primary activities.

These key indicators monitor replication packages:

Note These KPIs are not applicable at the MBO level.
  • Total Bytes Received
  • Total Bytes Sent
  • Total Operation Replays
  • Total Devices
  • Total Rows Sent
  • Total Rows Received
KPI Description
Total Devices The total number of devices involved in synchronization. This total includes the same user multiple times if he or she has multiple devices. The value comprises individual devices, and does not count multiple synchronizations requested by the same device.
Total Rows Sent The total number of rows sent during package synchronization.
Total Rows Received The total number of rows received during package synchronization.
Total Errors The total number of errors that took place across all synchronizations.
Total Bytes Received The total number of bytes uploaded from clients to SAP Mobile Server.
Total Bytes Sent The total number of bytes downloaded by clients from SAP Mobile Server.
Average/Minimum/Maximum Synchronization Time The average, minimum, or maximum amount of time SAP Mobile Server took to finish a complete synchronization.
Time at Minimum/Maximum Synchronization Time The time at which the shortest or longest synchronization completed.
Total Synchronization Requests The total number of sync requests initiated by a client.
Total Operation Replays The total number of operation replays performed by clients on MBOs.