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Current statistics for replication synchronization provide real-time information about in-progress synchronizations.

SAP Mobile Server monitors replication requests using these statistical categories:
Category Description
Application ID The ID associated with the application.
Package The package name.
Phase The current synchronization activity: upload or download. During the upload phase, a client initiates operation replays to execute mobile business object (MBO) operations on the back-end system. During the download phase, a client synchronizes with SAP Mobile Server to receive the latest changes to an MBO from the back-end system.
Entity During the download phase, the name of the MBO with which the client is synchronizing. During the upload phase, the name of the operation that the client is performing.
Synchronization Start Time The date and time that the synchronization request was initiated.
Domain The domain to which the package involved in synchronization belongs.
Application Connection ID The ID number of the connection participating in the synchronization.
User The name of the user associated with the device ID.