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Data change notification (DCN) performance statistics consist of key performance indicators that reflect the efficiency of notification processing by SAP Mobile Server.

Performance monitoring highlights key totals and identifies average, minimum, and maximum values for primary activities. These calculations are dynamic, and are based on the data currently available in monitoring database for the specified time period.

All values in this table (totals, averages, maximums, minimums) apply to the specific time period you indicate:

Key performance indicator Description
Total Notifications The total number of notifications sent by the enterprise information system to SAP Mobile Server.
Average/Minimum/Maximum Processing Time The average, minimum, or maximum amount of time SAP Mobile Server took to process a DCN.
Time at Minimum/Maximum Message Processing Time The time of day at which the shortest or longest DCN processing event completed.
Time of Last Notification Received The time at which the most recent DCN was received by SAP Mobile Server.
MBO with Minimum/Maximum Notification Processing Time The name of the package and associated mobile business object (MBO) with the shortest or longest notification processing time.