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Replication performance statistics consist of key performance indicators (KPIs) that reflect the overall functioning of the application environment.

Performance monitoring highlights key totals and identifies average, minimum, and maximum values for primary activities. These calculations are dynamic, and are based on the data currently available in monitoring database for the specified time period.

All values in this table (totals, averages, maximums, minimums) apply to the specific time period you indicate:

KPI Description
Total Distinct Package Synchronized The total number of packages subject to synchronization.
Total Distinct Users The total number of users who initiated synchronization requests. This value comprises only individual users, and does not count multiple synchronizations requested by the same user.
Average/Minimum/Maximum Synchronization Time The average, minimum, or maximum amount of time SAP Mobile Server took to finish a complete synchronization.
Time at Minimum/Maximum Synchronization Time The time of day at which the shortest or longest synchronization completed.
Package with Minimum/Maximum Synchronization Time The name of the package and associated MBO with the shortest or longest synchronization time.
Average/Minimum/Maximum MBO Rows Per Synchronization The average, minimum, or maximum number of MBO rows of data that are downloaded when synchronization completes.
Average/Minimum/Maximum Operation Replays per Synchronization (records received) The average, least, or greatest number of operation replays per synchronization received by SAP Mobile Server from a client.
Total Bytes Sent The total number of bytes downloaded by clients from SAP Mobile Server.
Total Bytes Received The total number of bytes uploaded from clients to SAP Mobile Server.
Total Operation Replays The total number of operation replays performed on the EIS.
Total Errors The total number of errors that took place across all synchronizations.
Average/Minimum/Maximum Concurrent Users The average, least, or greatest number of users involved in concurrent synchronizations.
Time at Minimum/Maximum Concurrent Users The time at which the least or greatest number of users were involved in concurrent synchronizations.