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Messaging queue status data provides historical information about the processing of messaging-based synchronization requests by SAP Mobile Server. The data indicates areas of high load and times of greatest activity. This data can help administrators decide how to handle queue congestion and other performance issues.

These key indicators monitor messaging queue status:

Statistic Description
Name The name of the messaging queue.
Current Queued Items The total number of pending messages waiting to be processed by SAP Mobile Server.
Average/Minimum/Maximum Queue Depth The average, minimum, or maximum number of queued messages. For minimum and maximum queue depth, this value is calculated from the last server restart.
Time at Minimum/Maximum Queue Depth The time and date at which the queue reached its minimum or maximum depth.
Type The direction of message flow: inbound or outbound.
Total Messages The total number of messages in the queue at one point since the last server reboot.
Bytes Received The total number of bytes processed by the queue since the last server reboot.
Last Activity Time The time at which the most recent message was added to the queue since the last server reboot.