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Cache group status statistics provide monitoring data about cache activity at the cache group level. The data reflects activity for all mobile business objects (MBOs) belonging to a cache group.

Select Package level cache group to view the following key performance indicators (KPIs):
KPI Description
Package The name of the package to which the associated cache group belongs
Cache Group The name of the group of MBOs associated with the cache activity
Number of Rows The number of rows in the cache table of the MBO
Last Full Refresh Time The last time the cache or cache partition was fully refreshed
Last Update Time The last time a row in the cache was updated for any reason (row-level refresh, full refresh, partitioned refresh, or data change notification)
Last Invalidate Time The last time the cache was invalidated
Cache Coherency Window
The data validity time period for the cache group, in seconds. Can span any value in this range:
  • 0 shows that data is always retrieved on-demand for each client.
  • 2049840000 shows that the cache never expires. This occurs when you set the on-demand cache group to NEVER expire or scheduled cache group to NEVER repeat.