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Changing a Memory Option for a SAP Control Center Windows ServiceLocate this document in the navigation structure

Add a jvmopt command to the file to change a memory option (-Xmx or -XX:MaxPermSize) for a SAP Control Center Windows service.


When you use this method to set memory options, your changes are permanent—SAP Control Center uses them every time it starts as a service.


  1. If SAP Control Center is running, shut it down.
  2. Open the SAP Control Center properties file:
    <SAP Control Center-install-directory>\SCC-3_2\bin\
  3. Add (or modify, if it already exists) a jvmopt line specifying the memory size in Java format. Use m for megabytes or g for gigabytes.
    For example:
  4. Save the file and start the SAP Control Center Windows service.