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MBO packages are collections of MBOs that are related by application use and authorship and grouped according to maintenance or distribution. Packages are initially created by developers, but are deployed and maintained on a production SAP Mobile Server by administrators.

Administrators cannot change the name of a package if one has been defined by the development team. If the development team has changed the version number of an existing package due to an upwardly incompatible change, it creates a new package when it is deployed. In this case, leave both versions of the package running until every one of the remote client applications has been upgraded to the latest version; only then should you delete the old package version. For more information about upwardly incompatible changes, see Supported Changes for Update Deployment in SAP Mobile WorkSpace - Mobile Business Object Development.

Although each mobile business object (MBO) type has unique properties and data sources, MBOs within a package used by an application may be of different types.
Note You must deploy a package before you can configure or manage it. Package administration tasks vary, depending on the type of package you deploy.