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Viewing the SAP Mobile Server LogLocate this document in the navigation structure

In text or grid view, use the vertical scroll bar to retrieve additional segments of the log file in 150-line increments. In grid view, up to 10 pages of the server log data is loaded in one request.


You can navigate to any page by using the First, Prev, Next, and Go to controls. Use View Details open the actual log file and find the corresponding line.

Note Last is disabled -- use Next to advance to the final page in the list.
There are also two search options you can use:
  • Basic search – search by keyword, log level, first/last X number of lines in the log file.
  • Advanced search – search by specific subcomponents, log level, exception, time range, and so on.

You can include backup logs in your search or retrieval. The option is not selected by default.