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Stopping and Starting a ServerLocate this document in the navigation structure

Stop and start a server to perform maintenance or to apply changes to server settings. You can perform this action as a two-step process (stop and start) or as a single restart process.


You can stop and start a server from SAP Control Center for servers that are installed on the same host as SAP Control Center, as well as servers that are installed on different hosts.
Note If someone manually shuts the server down, this action triggers multiple errors in SAP Control Center SAP Mobile Server until the console determines that the server is no longer available. This takes approximately 30 seconds to detect. When this occurs you might see multiple Runtime API throws exception errors logged. Wait for the server to come online and log into the server again to resume your administration work.
Note SAP Control Center requires at least one Application Server node running to work properly. If all Application Server nodes are stopped, the SAP Control Center console tree will be collapsed automatically and the following error message will display: The cluster is unavailable because of no running primary server found.
Note You cannot start a Scale-out node from SAP Control Center. If you stop a Scale-out node, you must start it manually.


  1. In the SAP Control Center navigation pane, click Servers to display the servers list.
  2. Select a server in this list.
  3. Choose an appropriate process:
    • To stop the server, click Stop. You can then perform the administration actions you require that might require the server to be started. To then restart the server, click Start.
      Note If you have selected a Scale-out node server type, the Start button is disabled.
    • If you perform an administration action that requires a restart to take effect, click Restart. This shuts the server down and restarts it in a single process.


As the server stops and starts, progress messages display in the Server Console pane.