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Application Customization Resource Bundle RecommendationsLocate this document in the navigation structure

There are a variety of recommendations for working with customization resource bundles.

  • You cannot use customization resource bundles for Hybrid App and Agentry SDK clients.
  • The expected format of the customization resource bundle is a JAR archive that contains MANIFEST.MF.
    • The manifest file must include these properties:
      • Customization-Resource-Bundle-Name
      • Customization-Resource-Bundle-Version
    • Property values cannot include a colon (":"), a question mark ("?"), a number sign ("#"), or a percent sign ("%").
    • File size should not exceed 5MB. File size is not enforced, but the larger the file, the slower the performance, and can be subject to device platform hardware capabilities.

    See Managing Application Customization Resource Bundles in Developer Guide: SAP Mobile Server Runtime for information about the administration API that allows programmatic access to this functionality.

  • You can assign the same customization resource bundle to different application connections, and it is treated independently for each application that is paired with the connection template that identifies the bundle and version. The primary key is: application ID, customization resource bundle name, and version.
  • Each customization resource bundle:
    • Belongs to one and only one application. If you delete an application, all associated customization resource bundles are deleted as well. This implies that the actual binary is stored twice when assigned to two application IDs.
    • Is applicable only to:
      • The application to which it belongs.
      • The application connections that have the same application ID.
      • The application connection templates that have the same application ID.
    • Takes effect only when it is assigned to one or more application connections.
    • Is by default, not assigned to either application connections or application connection templates.
    • Must be assigned explicitly by configuring an application connection or application connection template to use a customization resource bundle.
      Note The application connection assignment configuration overrides that of the application connection template.
    • Can be exported to the same JAR file being uploaded to SAP Mobile Server, meaning the format does not change.
  • Can upload more than one customization resource bundles, as long as the name and version combination is unique.
  • Can assign only one primary customization resource bundle in an application definition. However, any uploaded customization resource bundle is accessible to any application connection.
  • You can delete a customization resource bundle only if it is not assigned to any application connection and application connection template with the same application.