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(Does not apply to Hybrid App or Agentry SDK clients) For supported application types, customization resource bundles enable you to associate deployed client applications with different versions of customization resources.

A customization resource bundle can be either:
  • JAR file includes a manifest file of name and version properties
  • ZIP file must contain META-INF\MANIFEST.MF file, which includes name and version properties:
The customization resource bundle does not contain any information that binds or helps bind to applications; it can be uploaded or exported during the definition of an application with SAP Control Center. A deployed customization resource bundle is read-only.
Implementing a customization resource bundle requires the coordination of various roles:
  1. (Application developer) Invokes the SDK API that downloads the customization resource bundle. Use the onCustomizationBundleDownloadComplete (in the Application Callback API) and BeginDownloadCustomizationBundle (in the SUPApplication class) methods to pair the application with the device, and reach the client application. See Developer Guide: OData SDK or any of the Object API Developer Guides.
    For example, for an application called SAP.Mobile.Application, you might implement the customization resource bundle invocation as follows:
    /// <summary>
    /// start downloading default resource bundle associated with the application.The resource bundle would be saved into writer stream provided by user.
    ///an application only bundle an resource
    ///<param name="writer">a writer stream provided by user
    public void BeginDownloadCustomizationBundle(System.IO.Stream writer) { }
    /// <summary>
    /// start downloading resource bundle named customizationBundleID. The resource bundle would be saved into writer stream provided by user.
    ///<param name="customizationBundleID">the resource bundle name
    ///<param name="writer">a writer stream provided by user
    public void BeginDownloadCustomizationBundle(string customizationBundleID, System.IO.Stream writer) { } Sybase.Mobile.IApplicationCallback
    /// <summary>
    /// Invoked when download resource bundle complete.
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="customizationBundleID">! the resource bundle name. if null, application default resource bundle is downloaded
    /// </param>
    void OnCustomizationBundleDownloadComplete(string customizationBundleID, int errorCode, string errorMessage);
  2. (Developer) Generates the JAR or ZIPwith the MANIFEST.MF, which includes these required properties:
    • Customization-Resource-Bundle-Name
    • Customization-Resource-Bundle-Version
  3. (Administrator) Uses SAP Control Center to upload the customization resource bundle to SAP Mobile Server then assign it to an application connection.
  4. Once the application activation process completes, the application is directed to the appropriate version of the resource bundle.