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Connections allow SAP Mobile Server to communicate with data sources. To facilitate the connection process, define a set of properties for each data source. Establish connections and connection pools for each domain.

A connection is required to send queries to mobile business objects, and to receive answers. The format in which data is communicated depends on the type of data source; for example, database data sources use a result set, while Web services data sources provide XML files, and SAP data sources use tables.

Establish connections by supplying an underlying driver and a connection string. Together, the driver and string allow you to address the data source, and provide you a mechanism by which to set the appropriate user authentication credentials and connection properties that describe the connection instance. Once a connection is establish, SAP Mobile Server can open and close it as required.

Connection Pools

SAP Mobile Server maintains database connections in a connection pool, which is a cache database connections for the cache database or any other database data source.

A connection can be reused when the database receives future requests for data, thereby improving SAP Mobile Server performance. If all the connections are being used, and the maxPoolSize value you configured for a connection pool has been reached, a new connection is added to the pool. For SAP Mobile Server, connection pools are based on an existing template created for a specific data source type.