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Loading and Unloading HTTPS Certificates for RSOELocate this document in the navigation structure

Load HTTPS certificates for the RSOE to add it to the SAP Mobile Server node .


Note You must use only RSA certificates.

If the Web server (Relay Server host) already uses a certificate signed by a CA for HTTPS connections, you do not need to perform this task.


  1. In the navigation pane, click Start of the navigation path Servers Next navigation step <ServerNode> End of the navigation path.
  2. In the administration pane, select the Outbound Enabler tab, then click Certificate Files.
  3. Choose the action you want to perform:
    • To add a new certificate, click +. Browse and select the .CRT file to upload, then click Open.
    • To replace a certificate in the store, select Replace the certificate file. Verify the certificate file name, then click +.
    • To delete a certificate from the store, select the filename and click X.
  4. When certificate management tasks are complete, click OK.