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Monitoring information reflects current and historical activity, and general performance during a specified time period.

Monitoring allows administrators to identify key areas of weakness or periods of high activity in the particular area they are monitoring. Access to this data helps administrators make decisions about how to better configure the application environment to achieve a higher level of performance.

The historical data is preserved in the monitor database. Performance data (KPIs for Replication, Messaging, Package Statistics, User Statistics, and Cache Statistics) for the specified time period is calculated upon request using the historical data available for that period. If monitoring data is purged for that time period, the performance data calculations will not factor in that data. It is recommended to purge monitoring data after putting in place mechanisms to export the required historical and/or performance data as needed. By default, monitoring data is automatically purged after seven days.

Also note that the processing times are calculated based on the time the request (or message) arrives on the server, and the time it took to process the request (or message) on the server. The client-side time (request origin time, and time taken to deliver to the server) are not factored into that data.