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Configuring General Hybrid App PropertiesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Configure general properties for a Hybrid App, including display name and icon. Alter these settings to change development environment values to production environment equivalents.



  1. In the left navigation pane, expand the Hybrid Apps folder and select the Hybrid App to configure the properties for.
  2. In the right administration tab, click General.
    Only an administrator can change the general properties. All others are configured by the Hybrid App developer and cannot be modified.
    • Display name – sets the name that appears for the Hybrid App package.
    • Display icon – select from the list of built-in icons. Any custom icons contained in the Hybrid App package can be viewed but not selected.
      Note The Hybrid App package may contain custom icons to accommodate the different image resolutions required by different devices. The use of custom icons is determined by individual devices. The built-in icon is only used if the device cannot display any of the custom icons; for example, if the device does not support the icon image type.
  3. Click Lock/Unlock to lock or unlock a Hybrid App.
    You cannot modify or delete a locked Hybrid App.
  4. Click Save.