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Depending on the license you purchase and the type of environment you install, you may deploy multiple SAP Mobile Servers in a cluster.

There are two types of server nodes that can be installed:
  • Application Service node – (mandatory) runs all services.
  • Scale Out node – (optional) specifically designed to allow the stateless request/response HTTP and synchronous message services to be horizontally scaled.

If you have installed multiple servers as part of a clustered architecture, you must register these servers first. Only servers that are installed on the same host as SAP Control Center are registered automatically. Once registered, remote servers also appear in the server list.

Servers are listed according to their cluster role (that is, primary or secondary servers). SAP Control Center automatically identifies the primary server and lists it first, followed by secondary servers.

The Server Type column indicates whether the server is an Application Server node or a Scale Out node.

The Need Restart column indicates if a server restart is required due to configuration changes.