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The goal of server administration is to ensure that SAP Mobile Server is running correctly and that it is configured correctly for the environment in which it is installed (development or production). Server administration is mostly a one-time or infrequent administration task.

There are two types of server nodes that can be installed:
  • Application Service node – (mandatory) runs all services.
  • Scale Out node – (optional) specifically designed to allow the stateless request/response HTTP and synchronous message services to be horizontally scaled.
Table 1: Server administration tasks
Task Frequency Accomplished by
Installing the server One-time installation per server SAP Mobile Platform installer.
Reset JCo repository caches Post installation SAP Control Center
Manage the outbound enabler configuration for Relay Server.
  • Configure Relay Server properties
  • Manage certificates
  • View logs
  • Configure proxy servers for outbound enabler
Post installation SAP Control Center