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Review available outbound enabler start options, which affect outbound enabler logging. Each outbound enabler has its own log file that you can retrieve in SAP Control Center.

Option Default Description
Verbosity level 0
Sets log file verbosity values:
  • 0 – log errors only. Use this logging level for deployment.
  • 1 – session-level logging. This is a higher level view of a session.
  • 2 – request-level logging. Provides a more detailed view of HTTP requests within a session.
  • 3 - 5 – detailed logging. Used primarily by Technical Support.
Reconnect delay 5 Delay before retry after connection fails.
Maximum output file size 10KB Maximum log file size.
Truncate log file None Delete the log file at RSOE startup.
Advanced None User-defined value for start parameters. See Outbound Enabler in SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 at published on SAP site .