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Uploading Application Customization Resource BundlesLocate this document in the navigation structure

(Does not apply to Hybrid App or Agentry SDK clients) Before you can assign application customization resource bundles, you must upload them to SAP Mobile Server with SAP Control Center.


Only platform administrators can upload bundles to SAP Mobile Server.


  1. In the navigation pane of SAP Control Center, expand the Applications node and select the application.
  2. In the right administration pane, select the Customization Resource Bundles tab.
  3. (Optional) Click Refresh to update the list of deployed customization resource bundles for this application.
  4. (Optional) Add another customization resource bundle to the list.
    1. Click Add.
    2. In the file dialog, navigate to and select the customization resource bundle JAR file, and click Open. The name and version of the newly deployed customization resource bundle is added to the list.
    3. (Optional) In the Confirm dialog, select one or more check boxes to assign the newly uploaded bundle to application connections or application connection templates with the same application ID. If no check boxes are selected, there is no automatic assignment.
      Note You can make these assignments at a later time.
    4. Click OK.
  5. (Optional) Add another customization resource bundle to the application.
  6. Click OK.