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Import Requirements and Best PracticesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Import is typically used to move a package or application from a development environment to a test environment, and after testing to a production environment.

MBO Package Imports
  • Domain requirements all server connections and security configurations referenced by the MBO package must exist in the target domain.
  • Versioning recommendations if a developer has updated the package version number:
    1. (Required) Verify that this new package version is added to the application.
    2. (Recommended) Whenever possible, use the update instead of import. Otherwise, delete the existing package first, to remove all runtime data for the package including cached data, registered subscriptions, subscription templates, client log, MBO and operation histories, and registered package users. Delete these items only after serious consideration.
Application Imports
Make sure the target system has resources that match those referenced in the export archive file:
  • Domains, security configurations, logical roles assigned to application connection templates, proxy endpoint connections (used by ODP applications)
  • If MBO packages are included, the domains, security configurations and connections referenced by the MBO package archives
Hybrid App Imports

If MBO packages are referenced in the export archive file, make sure that the MBO packages have already been deployed to the target system.

Note If the Hybrid App has matching rules, all matching rule search expressions are imported as regular expression types. Other expresssion types such as Begins with or Equals are imported as Regular expression.