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Mapping a Physical Role ManuallyLocate this document in the navigation structure

Use the Role Mappings dialog to manually map required physical roles for a logical role when physical and logical role names do not match. If names do not match, the AUTO mapping state does not work.


SAP Mobile Platform cannot query all supported enterprise security servers directly; for successful authentication, you must know the physical roles your back-end systems require.


You can map a logical role to one or more physical roles. You can also map multiple logical roles to the same physical role. If a role does not exist, you can also add or delete names as needed.


  1. Review the list of existing physical role names that you can map to the logical role you have selected. If the list retrieved is too long to locate the name quickly, either:
    • Click the banner of Available Roles list to sort names alphanumerically.
    • Start typing characters in the box, then click the Search button to filter the available list.
  2. If a role that you require still does not appear, enter the Role name and click the + button.
    The role name appears in the Available roles list with an asterisk (*). This asterisk indicates that an available role was added by an administrator, not a developer.
  3. To remove a role you no longer require from the Available roles list, select the name and click the x button adjacent to the Role name field.
    The role is removed and can no longer be mapped to a logical role.
  4. To map a logical role that appears in the text area of the Role Mappings dialog to a physical role:
    1. Select one or more Available roles.
    2. Click Add.
  5. To unmap a role:
    1. Select one or more Mapped roles.
    2. Click Remove.
      The roles are returned to the Available roles list.
  6. Click OK to save these changes.


Once a logical role has been manually mapped, the mapping state changes to MAPPED. The roles you have mapped appear in the active Physical Roles cell for either a package-specific or server-wide role mappings table.