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Procedure documentationCreating Follow-Up ASTs


Identify, on a regular basis (monthly, for example), expiring ASTs and extend them if required.


  1. Schedule this activity in your calendar. SAP Solution Manager does not provide automatic notifications about expiring ASTs.

  2. In the Technical Administration work center, choose the Service Availability Management scenario.

    The managed objects in scope of SAM are displayed.

  3. In the Current AST Valid To column, sort the managed objects in ascending order.

  4. In the Follow-Up AST Planned column, filter the managed objects by FALSE.

    Expiring ASTs which are possibly to be extended, are displayed.

  5. For each expiring AST, contact your contract management, to check whether it is to be extended.

  6. To create a follow-up AST, select the managed object and choose Maintain Service Time.

    Make sure the Valid-From date of the follow-up AST follows directly on from the Valid-To date of the preceding AST (for example July 31- August 1)̵, otherwise the system cannot recognize the follow-up AST.

    For more information, see Scheduling Agreed Service Times (AST).