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 Personalizing the Work Place


In the Personalize view, you can change the layout of the Technical Quality Management work place, for example, to remove unused or unavailable tiles or add useful tiles that are not provided as standard.

When you make any personalization changes, they are only valid for the current SAP Solution Manager project. It is important to keep this project dependency to ensure that there is no interference with other teams' layouts. Every time you personalize your project, you choose whether to make this change visible to all project members or just yourself.


You can perform the following tasks:

Showing or Hiding Tiles

You can set the visibility of the tiles on the Home view.

Adding New Tiles

You can add new tiles and edit their names, subtitles, and references. These tiles can reference a variety of sources, such as Internet URLs and Web Dynpro applications.

To add a new tile, in the Personalize view, view options, and choose Add New Tile. You select who can see these tiles.

Changing the Order of Tiles

To change the order of tiles, in the Personalize view, enter numbers into the boxes next to the visibility column in the order you want the tiles to appear and save your entries. When you return to the Home view, the tiles will be in the order you specified. The numbers you enter do not have to be consecutive.