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Process documentationRoles in IT Service Management


You can perform different tasks depending on your role and authorizations.

The following business partner roles are available:

  • End user (reporter)

  • Dispatcher

  • Processor

  • Administrator

SAP delivers these roles as templates. Adjust the roles according to the division of work and tasks in your support organization. The tasks may differ from those in your company.

For more information about the roles and their authorizations in IT Service Management, see the Security Guide for SAP Solution Manager on SAP Service Marketplace at Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP Components Next navigation step SAP Solution Manager Next navigation step <current release> End of the navigation path 4 Operations.


Roles in IT Service Management

Reporters are sometimes also called message reporters, business users, reported-by users, end user, or key users.

The person who reports incidents.


The employee who is in charge of creating an incident message, if end users report incidents by telephone or similar. Dispatchers also forwards incidents to processors and can confirm solved incidents.


The employee who is in charge of processing the incidents.


The employee who configures IT Service Management and configures the specific scenarios.

In addition, the administrator sets up the required information, for example, in the Master Data and Service Operations views.

For more information, see Configuration and Administration of IT Service Management.

Single Point of Contact

The person who remains responsible for the complete lifecycle of an incident, regardless of the support team or organization to which the message is forwarded. You assign the single point of contact (SPOC) role before forwarding the message.

In Customizing, you can also specify that the first processor to receive the message automatically receives the SPOC role. In addition, the SPOC can confirm the message at the end of processing, for example, if the reporter contacted support by phone.

Sold-To Party

The owner of a managed object. In most cases, the sold-to party is the company or organization that purchased the managed object, for example, a technical system or host.

Support Team

The organizational unit that is in charge of processing the messages.