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Background documentationTechnical Quality Manager Work Place


The Technical Quality Manager (TQM) work place is the central hub for accessing information related to your implementation projects. You use it to consult your Business Blueprint and roadmaps, and can see an overview of the Issues and Top Issues relating to your SAP Solution Manager projects, engagement cycles, and project management (PM) projects.

You can also allow SAP to see what stage your project is in and provide assistance, for example, by identifying standard functionality for reported functional gaps.


  • Create SAP Solution Manager projects and assign engagement cycles, PM projects, and test cases

  • Add new tiles for a range of different resources, including Web Dynpro applications, transaction codes, and URLs

  • Customize the project display for yourself or your team members

  • Track important information about your project, such as development requirements, organizational structure, and reports

  • Send project information to SAP so that they can provide support


To access the work place, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the SAP Easy Access menu.

  2. In the context menu of your favorites folder, select Add other objects. The Restrictions view opens.

  3. Select BSP Application and confirm.

  4. In the BSP Application field, enter AGS_TQM_WP.

    Enter a description.

    In the Start Page field, enter WebContent/index.html.

  5. Save your entries.