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Function documentationProcessing Operations Tasks


Using operations tasks, you can manage recurring tasks in SAP Solution Manager.


You can create operations tasks as follows:

  • In the SAP Solution Manager Technical Administration work center, in the Task Management view, the IT Task Planning screen lists guided procedures.

  • In the SAP Solution Manager IT Service Management WebClient UI, the system creates operations tasks automatically. When a service request is approved, a corresponding guided procedure creates the operations tasks.


The operations task (transaction type SMOT) is based on the service request transaction type.

If the operations task is created in IT Service Management, it contains a link to the corresponding guided procedure in the Details assignment block, in the References screen area.

Using operations tasks, you can do the following:

  • Assign operations tasks to processors

  • Schedule and follow up work items

  • Provide information about how to process a task

  • Record effort

  • Confirm completion

Structure of an Operations Task

An operations task consists of the header details, which are organized in individual groups, and additional assignment blocks. You can customize which assignment blocks are displayed according to your requirements.

Header Level

In the header details, you specify the general data that is valid for the entire operations task. This includes, for example, the following data:

  • General Data: The title and all the information that defines the task

  • Notes: The description or comments that are relevant for the task

  • References: The processor information and the type of message that relates to the task

More Information

For more information about using operations tasks in guided procedures, see  Service Orders and Service Catalogs.

For more information about task management in the Technical Administration work center, see Technical Administration Work Center.