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Component documentationPrerequisites


To use the Technical Quality Manager work place, you must have access to the following SAP Solution Manager work centers:

  • SAP Engagement and Service Delivery

  • Implementation/Upgrade

To use all of the extended features, such as creating requests for change to fill functional gaps in your implementation or assigning project manager projects, you must have access to the following SAP functionality:

  • Change Request Management

  • The project management functions of SAP Portfolio and Project Management

Which features you have access to does not change the list of available tiles. If you open a tile and do not have the correct authorizations for that feature or the feature is not set up in the system, a blank screen will appear.

More Information

For more information about integrating project management projects and Change Request Management, see the SAP Help Portal at Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step Application Help Next navigation step SAP Library Next navigation step Solution Implementation Next navigation step Implementation/Upgrade Work Center Next navigation step Project Administration Next navigation step Integration of PPM Projects and Change Request Management End of the navigation path