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The Infrastructure view of the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center gives you a central overview of all SAP Solution Manager components. In contrast to the Landscape view, it is not specific to a specified managed system. For example, if you receive a notification in the Alert Inbox about an error, you can use the tools provided in the Infrastructure view to identify the problem in a subsequent SAP Solution Manager component.


  • Activate, deactivate, and release extractors, and display extractor logs. For more information, see Extractor Framework.

  • Centrally manage diagnostics agents that are installed on your managed systems. For more information, see Agent Framework.

  • Monitor and analyze the status of the end-to-end monitoring and alerting infrastructure. For more information, see Alerting Framework.

  • Configure and monitor Enterprise Manager (EM), which acts as the central repository for all Introscope performance data and metrics collected in an application environment. For more information, see Introscope.

  • Check whether the configuration and change database data is up-to-date, and update it, if required. For more information, see Configuration and Change Database.

  • Make a System Landscape Directory (SLD), which is the data repository for managed systems and landscape data known to SAP Solution Manager. This is necessary if you use several SLDs. For more information, see Configuring an Additional System Landscape Directory (SLD).

  • Verify your system landscape. For more information, see Performing Verification Checks.

  • BW-based reporting provides you with a large number of scenarios in SAP Solution Manager, in which reporting data is collected across systems in SAP Business Warehouse (BW). You can obtain information here about the status of the connections between the SAP Solution Manager system and the associated BW; you can also see the current status of BW-based reporting, broken down by the different scenarios. For more information, see Self-Monitoring of BW-Based Reporting.

  • Manage various types of content for SAP Solution Manager, including store templates for change reporting, extractor templates, configuration files for end-to-end analysis applications, and the integration of customer applications into the SAP Solution Manager work center infrastructure (URL framework). For more information, see Managing Content.