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Function documentationUser Administration


In the User Administration view of the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center, you perform administration tasks for the standard users created as part of SAP Solution Manager Configuration. There are separate tab pages for the users in your SAP Solution Manager system and users in your managed systems. If the BW is on a different system or client than SAP Solution Manager, there is an additional tab page for users in the BW system.

You can also create new users and update existing users. You can either update individual users or use the Mass Update function to update multiple users simultaneously.

Role Namespace

When creating or updating users, you assign roles in a particular namespace. You assign some roles directly in the SAP namespace, such as those for accessing work centers, for example, SAP_SMWORK_TECH_MON.

For most roles, however, you create a copy of SAP-delivered standard roles in the customer namespace (by default, ZSAP_*) and assign this Z-role to the user. For example, when assigning the standard role SAP_NOTIF_ADMIN, you create the role ZSAP_NOTIF_ADMIN.

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  • Update users and role assignments

  • Update multiple users simultaneously

  • Create users

  • Assign user groups

  • Update RFC destinations