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  Create task to update session list


This task checks whether new data needs to be collected in the target system for a session. New data is needed if a new session has been created or an existing session has been changed. If the task finds a session for which new data needs to be collected, it creates a task in the local system to get session data.

New information about sessions can come from the SAP Support Portal or your SAP Solution Manager system.


To create a task to update the session list:

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Task Next navigation step Create End of the navigation path.

  2. Choose Update Session List and Continue.

  3. Schedule the task, or choose Now.

    Default Settings schedules the task for in two minutes, and reads in the current task-specific settings again.

    You can run the task periodically or once only. The task runs once by default. To run it periodically, choose Execute Task Periodically.

  4. Choose an RFC connection target.

    Choose the RFC destination of the system from which the session list is to be updated.

    To determine whether a destination is defined, check the task-specific settings.

  5. Choose Continue.

    A new background task is created, and its task number is displayed.

You can list the systems from which you can specify the Update Session List task:

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Settings Next navigation step Task-Specific End of the navigation path.

    A hierarchy of the task-specific settings is displayed.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Task-Specific Settings Next navigation step Collect Session Data Next navigation step RFC Destinations Next navigation step Settings End of the navigation path.

  3. Choose Settings.

  4. Choose Destinations.

    The destinations from which you can define a Refresh Sessions List task, are listed.

    Only destinations shown here as active can be used by an Update Session Data task.

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