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 SAP Solution Manager

Product Information


SAP Solution Manager


7.1 SP14

Based on

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EHP2 SP16

Documentation published

September 2015


SAP Solution Manager supports you throughout the entire lifecycle of your solutions, from the Business Blueprint to the configuration to production processing. It provides central access to tools, methods and preconfigured contents which you can use during evaluation, implementation and operational processing of your systems.


SAP Solution Manager Operations
SAP Engagement and Service Delivery
Solution Documentation
Solution Implementation
Template Management
Test Management
  • Test Management:

    Central test management, from test planning to test evaluation

  • Business Process Change Analyzer:

    Change impact analysis for processes

  • Test Option 1:

    Test functions and tools almost exclusively from SAP Solution Manager and SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS)

  • Test Option 2:

    Test functions and tools from SAP Solution Manager, SAP TDMS, SAP Quality Center by HP, and SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization

  • Test Option 3:

    Test functions and tools from SAP Solution Manager, SAP TDMS, and IBM Rational

Change Control Management
IT Service Management
  • IT Service Management:

    Solution support with integrated workflow for centrally managing and processing messages covering all IT solutions in your company

  • Can include an external help desk, setting up service connections, and access to SAP Service & Support.

Application Operations
  • System and Application Monitoring

    You can monitor the status of complex landscapes and manage alerts using the End-to-End Monitoring and Alerting infrastructure.

  • Technical Analytics and Dashboards

    You can use interactive and technical reporting functions to run reports on various aspects across solutions. Use application operations dashboards to display the availability and performance of your managed systems.

  • Data Volume Management

    You can monitor the data volume in your system landscape and reduce total operating costs by decreasing the size of the databases and the monthly increase in data.

  • Technical Administration and Guided Procedures

    You can perform efficient planning, implementation, execution, and reporting of the day-to-day operational activities.

  • Root Cause Analysis & Exception Management

    You can analyze the root cause of an incident and provide solutions for distributed and multi-technology solutions using a top-down approach.

Business Processes Operations
Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Planner: For most updates, upgrades, and new installations, the maintenance planner replaces the maintenance optimizer. It creates maintenance plans and stack XML files for installation with Software Update Manager (SUM).

  • Maintenance Optimizer:

    Start maintenance processes in product systems, and step-by-step instructions for downloading and implementing the identified product maintenance files

  • System Recommendations

    Find and display SAP Notes relevant for a technical system

  • Note Assistant:

    Automatic installation of corrections from SAP Notes

  • License Management:

    Obtain license data for administered systems with a valid maintenance contract

Upgrade Management
  • Custom Development Management Cockpit:

    Analysis of the effects of upgrades/changes

  • Upgrade Dependency Analysis:

    Before an upgrade, identifies functional, product-related dependencies between software component versions of product instances that are used in different product systems in the project or solution landscape.

Custom Code Management
  • Custom Code Management:

    Keep an overview of your custom developments, detect any changes, and identify redundant custom code for decommissioning.